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Soft SaschArt Links Manager

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Last Version: 1.7

Requirments: PHP 4 or up, MySQL 3.2.3 or up and Apache Web Server

This Links Manager can manage reciprocal links, and help you to increase traffic for your website linking between you and other quality sites with good traffic. You can customize complete and can make intagration in your site very easy keeping your actual template. Easy to install with especial file and work with PHP 4 or up and MySQL 3.2.3 or up. Demo for this product you can see here.

Features included in actual version:

  • User accounts with email address
  • Admin account from email address
  • Can edit multiple links from one account
  • Send pasword email address
  • Automatic links back checking
  • Automatic pagerank checking from Google
  • Links to Google and Alexa for each link
  • Customizable links categories
  • Can store text or banners links
  • Recommended links
  • Customizable owner data: url, text, banner
  • Customizable links checking
  • Searching in all content

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